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iHerb coupon code

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7 reasons to make iHerb your number one choice.
1. Best overall value!
iHerb offers substantial discounts across all product lines and categories --including high quality supplements, natural grocery, bath and beauty, sport supplements  and more. When you consider our low price, selection, ease of ordering, shipping and customer support, the advantages of choosing iHerb become crystal clear.

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Using discount code CUT023 , you will receive an instant 10% off your first purchase.

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FREE Shipping for orders over $20.00 for packages up to 10 pounds, anywhere in the contiguous United States. iHerb now ships to over 150 different countries! Super Discounted Shipping on all Global orders of $40 USD!

4. Leading brands, huge selection
Browse iHerb site, and you'll find thousands of brand name products you could also find at health food stores and natural pharmacies --with one important difference: iHerb's prices are typically 30 - 40% less. With iHerb's wide selection of quality brands, we think iHerb is a great choice for your one-stop shopping!

5. Assurance of freshness with expiration dates
Most products iHerb carries have expiration or best-by dates, which can be accessed on the product page. It's like holding the real bottle or package in your hand, as you would in a typical "brick and mortar" store. Another important fact: iHerb has one of the highest product turnover rates in the industry. So, nothing stays around long--except iHerb's employees & customers :-)

6. Effortless ordering
iHerb makes the shopping experience simple, moving you smoothly from login through checkout. And reordering is a breeze: update a previous order with just a few clicks, and you're done.

7. Assurance of privacy and credit card security
Since its inception nearly 20 years ago, iHerb has never sold, leased or shared any customer information with other parties. Your personal information remains entirely confidential. For added security, our iHerb.com web site is hosted privately (not shared with any other company). iHerb uses the very latest encryption software to protect your personal financial information. When ordering from iHerb, rest assured that your credit card and personal information will remain 100% private and secure. You can place your order by using credit card or debit card.

iHerb Coupon Code 10%